Project: TAIslim System
LUX Car Club Branding Kit
Project: LUX Car Club
Project: TAIslim.com
Retire in Style
Project: Social Media
TAIslim Makeover
Project: TAIslim Makeover
Image-Industry Email
Project: Monthly Email Campaign
Project: LiveIt! Website Redesign
Origami Owl Inspiration Contest
Project: Origami Owl Inspiration Contest
Coney Island Wedding
NEW! Project: Coney Island Wedding

What They are Saying

"Mary sees the big picture, and is able to create a consistent brand experience through every medium. She brought new-found focus, excitement, creativity and consistency to all of our packaging and print materials, and helped us create very compelling websites, emails, and social media strategies that have delivered terrific results." - Joel Bikman, VP of Marketing at FreeLife International


“Mary is one of the hardest-working, dedicated people I've worked with. Her ability to juggle an ever-changing list of projects is amazing! She is very successful at maximizing her team's talents in order to create the best possible product and deliver it on or ahead of schedule. I'm pleased to be part of Mary's team!” - Holly Lambert, Graphic Designer at FreeLife International


"Mary has a great sense of design and can translate that into a professionally developed web site, this combination is often a hard to find. She's bright and witty, a great brain-stormer and well organized." - Warren Chase, Vice President, Digital Eye Internet Solutions